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What Our Patients Say About Us!

“I have been seeing Dr. Salmond for anti-wrinkle and filler procedures for about 5 years and I absolutely love the way she does it, she has a great touch and it looks completely natural, which is very important because too many doctors overdo it. The way Dr. Salmond does it, you look still like yourself, only better.”

S. Hammond

“After a year and a half of various debilitating health issues I came to see Dr Nichola Salmond at Optimal Health Care.  To my relief I felt that I had finally found a Dr that listened and was determined to get to the bottom of my ill health.
Over the last 10 months Dr Salmond has unravelled my issues using both traditional and complementary medicine, referring me to high quality specialists if needed.

My husband and children have also had excellent care from the clinic. All the staff and nurses at Optimal Health Care are friendly, welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend Optimal Health Care.”

CF Drew-Prior

“I met Dr Salmond a few years ago at a dinner party. At the time, I was overweight, which had been the case for a few years. After talking with Dr Salmond, she suspected thyroid issues, and that was the case when I had a comprehensive blood test. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and deficiencies in several vitamins and iron.
Once I started treatment, I was feeling much more energetic, and I lost most of the extra weight, I am very happy and feeling great. I am still followed by Dr Salmond for any health issues.
I highly recommend Dr Salmond as a GP, she is the best I have ever seen in 15 years in HK. All her diagnosis were spot on, and she is a very nice person.”


“Dr. Salmond has been our family doctor for the past 12 years. She has been looking after me and my 3 children with dedication and commitment, and even now that the children are grown up and at university in the UK, they still see Dr. Salmond whenever they’re back in HK. ”

Stef Hummond

“After thinking about getting anti-wrinkle injections for a long time, but feeling very nervous and apprehensive, Dr Salmon was highly recommended to me by friend. I was not disappointed. As soon as I entered her clinic she put at complete ease. I found her to be extremely honest (very important) about the treatment, very professional (but caring) and she never oversells. I felt in very safe hands and she really listened to my concerns. I left her clinic feeling completely happy and satisfied with my treatment. That was four years ago and I have been coming to her ever since. I have recommended her to my friends and mum and they have been going to Nichola too. I honestly would not go to anybody else. I trust her completely.”

Danielle Cartwright

“For a very long time I have been suffering from big depression, trying to resolve my problem alone, without doctor. Anyway, my experience with doctors overseas was not quite good, to be honest, for most of those I knew, you are a “number”, a “case” and not a “human being”, they haven’t got (or don’t take) time to discuss problems, they prescribe you meds, take the money for 10 mins (or 5?) and that’s it.

With Nichola it was different! I came to Nichola in urgency because of a bad cystitis, but then she took care of me, of my health and we made a complete check-up. Some weeks later I dared talking to her about my negativity, my black cloud I was permanently carrying over my head. She immediately understood what happened to me and gave me help, in my suicide thinking it was necessary, vital even, she also helped me by talking and trying to analyse the “why”.

One year later, I no longer take medication, I feel much better, and all this, thanks to Nichola.

I wish Nichola all the best privately or professionally.”


“Hugely impressed with Optical Family Health Ltd. I had a large cyst on my testes that upon consultation was immediately recommended to be removed. The surgical procedure was conducted by their own doctor/nurse team with minimal fuss and more importantly without pain or discomfort. This was in no small part due their peerless medical professionalism and care.”

Pierre Papworth

“Dr Salmond is a highly experienced and professional medical practitioner who genuinely cares about optimizing the health of her patients in a holistic manner. As her patient, I always feel very comfortable during all consultations. Dr Salmond’s medical expertise and solutions ensure that as a busy professional I maintain the necessary optimal health and wellbeing to cope and thrive in my constantly action-packed work, family and social life.”

Grace Chan

“Nichola has been my GP for over ten years and has been a constant source of care, inspiration, counsel and support to me. Her dedication as a practitioner is in my experience unparalleled. Both her care of any ailments I have endured and even more importantly her guidance and dedication to preventive health care have been without hyperbole truly life enhancing and hopefully extending!

Nichola is a wonderful and caring practitioner, who has been a brilliant source of support to me and an utterly trusted counselor and friend to whom I’m immensely grateful. No wonder then that she has also retained an excellent team of support staff led by the inimitable and delightful Shannon. Thank you so much!”

Mr. Michael Lion

“Dr. Salmond has been my family doctor for the last 7 years. I have been living in HK for over 26 years and finding a family doctor that does not practice assembly line medicine by simply squeezing as many patients in at one time, looking at you for 3 minutes and making a quick diagnosis only to send you home with at least 7 different types of pills to take every 4 hours with no follow-up is very hard to find. I truly appreciate the time and attention Dr. Salmond has given me.
I have yet to have her prescribe medication or recommend specific tests that did not have some significance. Dr. Salmond in recent years has helped me dramatically when I was diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome, the tests she recommended and the vitamin therapy that followed all played a very important part in my recovery. I was very impressed with the follow up treatments. Dr. Salmond’s office is good to send reminder emails for blood test and follow-up checks to see how things are progressing. All of this is what one would hope to find and have in a family doctor. Dr. Salmond is someone who really displays empathy and care for her patients.”

Susan W.