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General Practice Consultations

Optimal Family Health is a General Practice in Hong Kong offering fully comprehensive medical services for all ages. We can diagnose and treat all acute and chronic illness. Our Western trained General Practitioners specialize in optimal wellness and perform preventative medical health check-ups. They also both have an interest in holistic and integrative medicine.

General practice is a form of individualised health care that appreciates that health, illness and disease are highly personal experiences. It involves holistic care, appreciating the interaction of the patient’s lifestyle and personality with health issues.

General practitioners can diagnose and treat all varieties of acute and chronic health conditions.They seek to promote health and wellness through a long term relationship of mutual understanding and trust.They care for patients with multiple health conditions and understand their interactions unlike specialists who deal with one health area only. In addition they provide preventative care and health education.

Our general practitioners are competent and experienced in looking after the whole family, including adults, adolescents, children and babies. They take an integrative approach and will treat patients with natural supplements and therapies where possible.


Dr Nichola Salmond has over 20 years experience in General Practice. She has completed full 3 year general practice training with the UK Royal College of General Practitioners.