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Functional Medicine

Get help for chronic health issues with functional medicine. We offer consultations and testing to investigate and diagnose the underlying cause of chronic symptoms. We look at toxicity and offer customised detoxification.

In functional medicine we investigate the underlying cause of bodily dysfunction and treat appropriately to correct and cure the cause not just mask the symptoms.

In many cases after traditional medical investigation patients are told that no disease has been found. Despite this they continue to suffer from chronic symptoms which interfere with their daily life. Often they take medication daily which merely masks the symptoms.

An example of this is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (IBS). Functional medicine practitioners believe this is an “umbrella term” which lumps a variety of underlying disease processes under one name and treats them all the same way. We believe it is not acceptable to suffer daily abnormal bowel symptoms. We investigate to identify the underlying cause of the dysfunction and treat to restore normal function.

Functional medicine is an integrative science based approach and relies on laboratory testing to identify the problem. It includes identifying genetic predispositions that influence health and disease.