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Why choose Osteopathy to manage your stress symptoms?

You probably know that you are stressed and are looking for solutions. Osteopathy is a powerful , non invasive , non drug therapy which gets great results for the effects of chronic stress on the body.

How it works :

Cranio-sacral technique: Your central nervous system is located inside your spine, going from the skull to your coccyx . This treatment focuses on the central nervous system by slowing down the brain overactivity caused by stress.

The purpose of this treatment is to balance the nervous system with gentle and deep touch on the membranes between the cranium and the sacrum.

Somato-emotional technique: Our emotions can create tensions in the body when a stressful event occurs. This treatment consists of gentle manipulations of the body by the practitioner to release tension in the body.

Visceral and fascial technique: Stress causes hormones to be released, particularly adrenaline and cortisol that affect your whole body and have many adverse effects.

These techniques will consist of releasing the tissues around your organs especially the heart and the kidneys, to regulate their activity and improve their function.

As an osteopath, my philosophy and understanding of the connection between body, mind and environment help me to advise and find solutions for stress. Osteopathy can help many of the physiological and psychological symptoms associated with stress.

Article written by Louis-Adrien Ollu
Osteopath D.O. (France)
Masters (Osteopathy) France.