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PEP for HIV – Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

24-hour service for Emergency HIV Prevention Medication

Optimal Family Health offers PEP for HIV in Hong Kong. If you wish to enquire about PEP then please call our 24-hour PEP hotline on +852 6444 5560. If there is no answer, please leave a voice or Whatsapp/SMS message with your contact details. You can also email us at

One of our Doctors, Dr Ronald Ng has a special interest in health matters related to sexual health and is experienced in dealing with members of the LGBT/MSM community. He is also knowledgeable in screening, prevention and treating sexually transmitted infections. If you have any questions about your sexual health feel free to email 

What is is HIV PEP?

  • PEP is an emergency medicine you take right after you are exposed to HIV.
  • HIV PEP stands for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
  • If you had sex or exposed to bodily fluids of a person with HIV, PEP can stop HIV before it infects your body. 

When and how should you take PEP?

  • You should take as soon as possible after the exposure.
  • The latest you can PEP is 72 hours after the exposure. After this PEP is not effective.
  • PEP comes in form of tablets. Our regime consist of one tablet a day for 30 days. You should try and take the tablet every 24 hours.  

What type of contact or exposure needs HIV PEP? 

The table on the right (courtesy of Nam Aidsmap UK) gives guidance of what type of exposure warrant PEP treatment.

If you are not sure or that your exposure falls to the ‘consider’ category, you can speak to our treating Doctor for further advice. 

Common Questions about PEP

If you have any other questions about PEP feel free to email Dr. Ronald Ng at 

How much is PEP?

  • A course of PEP is approximately $13,590 HKD. This includes the Doctors consultation and the medication. If required, additional testing, medication, investigation or out-of-clinic-hours service is at an additional course.

How does PEP work? 

  • The tablets usually consist of four different types of HIV medication that stop the HIV replicating and infecting the body.

How effective is PEP in preventing HIV infection?

  • Studies show when PEP taken correctly can provide 80-99% protection after a HIV exposure. However generally we quote 90% protection against an HIV exposure.

What are the side-effects?

  • Most patients complete the treatment course without too many problems. Around half of patients will complain of lethargy, nausea, bowel upset, headaches and rashes. Usually most of these side-effects will reduce after 1 week of taking the medication.
  • Caution should be taken if you have existing liver disease, kidney disease and if you are on any other medication. If you have any chronic diseases, it is best to check with your treating doctor.

Can I drink alcohol, smoke or take recreational drugs when on PEP?

  • It is not advisable to drink alcohol when on PEP, especially if you have pre-existing liver disease. However drinking 1-2 units of alcohol occasionally during the course should not cause any serious harm.
  • There are no known significant interactions with tobacco or marijuana with PEP. However it is generally advised that is best to minimise any drug or tobacco use when on PEP.

Can I have sex or kiss others when on PEP?

  • It is advised if you are taking PEP, that you should refrain from sex as you are worried that you may have a risk of having HIV. If you do choose to have sex, you should use a condom.
  • There is neglible chance of transmitting HIV by kissing or exchange of saliva. If there is any bleeding in your mouth, it is best advised not to have any kissing contacts until it has healed.

Is there a risk of encouraging a resistant strain of HIV if you take PEP?  

  • In short, highly unlikely. Resistant strains have been detected only rarely when PEP has failed but the relationship of this to exposure to resistant strains is poorly understood.

24-Hour PEP Hotline – +852 6444 5560 (Please leave a Voice/Whatsapp/SMS message if no answer).